Small shop


The charge can be adjusted easily

Easily to change the charge and time by control pad which on armrest.

When the charge standard  is changed, it needed  to be returned to the factory for  upgrading This is a very long process.

Put the vending chairs in the public place

Take the money from chairs when the cash box is full

The vending massage chairs in all other countries are less than 10% of vending massage chairs in China.

Guoheng APP operated easily

Safe and convenient management APP

Easy operation, anytime, anywhere.

Enhanced anti-theft lock

10,000 zinc alloy lock bodies could not

open each other.

Up-opening design, easy maintenance.

Built-in DIY cash box, with very small capacity

and very inconvenient with-drawal.
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How easy it is?

If you have any public resources, like shop, super market, hospital, airport, bar and etc, you can do it at once

and get the profit generously. High return with low risk.

Check the income by Guoheng APP

on phone when you lie in bed

Investment and Income
No matter how big or small the investment is, you can start this business. If the investment is small, you can get extra money as your secondary income.If the investment is big, you can regard this business as your new oortunity to improve your life.
Note: The table data is for reference only,please consider the local situation for benefits.

Which place are suitable for investment?

Many places are suitable for investment of vending massage chair. As long as the public places, transportation hub, entertainment place, shopping mall, or small shops are all suitable for putting the vending chairs in.

Different income depands

on different place.




It isn’t that high income, but the proper place meansFor example in China , the hospital is the better place for putting vending massage chairs in than the other places. Because in the hospital,people always needs to be queued up.


The proper position is

important, too.

We should put the vending massagechair on the proper and obvious place When people are tired and exhuasted,they can see the chairs and choose to have a rest on it.

How do we reduce the risk for vending chair?

And how do we increase the income for vending chair?

We continuously improve and optimize vending massage chairs through customer feedback and long-term market research.

No background management system

It will not be able to deliver in large quantities and will take high labor costs and risks.

Unable to adjust charge

High probability of theft

A bare cash box is a  obvious temptation to criminals.

Cash box is too small

Large capacity cash box

What Guoheng have?

We have complete QC system. We have top technology team. We have professional production team.We have experienced sales team. We have knighly after-sales service team.
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0086 188 0672 6372